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Calendar mask for your tickler file

Arranging the tabs on your tickler file like a calendar improves usability.

Add a calendar mask to your tickler file

Tickler files are extremely handy, but I found that I was frequently looking at my calendar to figure out what folders I needed to put items in. That's when I decided to move the tabs around and turn the tickler file into a calendar itself.

Overlay calendar information on the tickler file by ordering the tabs by weekday so that (at a glance) you can tell which folder is for this Saturday, or next Monday. (NOTE: I start my weeks on Monday rather than Sunday, so the first tab on the left is Monday, and the last two on the right are the weekEND.) It requires sliding the tabs as you move today's folder to the back, but it is really useful.

If you want to build your own tickler file, you can print your own tabs using this file (for US size hanging folders).