Sometimes simpler tech makes things simpler.

Plain text planning calendar

a resource page

Plain text calendar example from my visual journal.

Here is a plain text file that I use for planning that perhaps would help you too. Print it in a monospaced font (like Ubuntu Monospace or Courier) and use it in meetings to plan your time boxes, or cut it up and tape it into your bullet journal to track things.

Weeks begin with Monday (so that the weekend is at the end of the week). The international standard for the Representation of dates and times ISO 8601 is followed. Week 1 is the first week of the year that has a Thursday in it, or contains January 4th (ie, most of the week is in the new year).


I found this after tracing statistics/referrers back to a github project... makes me feel good that I can inspire someone.
wcal is inpired by the tool.