American Finger Football

house rules

The “Field”

The field is any available flat raised surface (for example, a table). The end zone is typically only the edge of the table, but can be expanded to be the area including the inch forward of the edge (that is, a very small distance) to accommodate tables with rounded edges.

Game play

The two “teams” sit facing each other over the field. A coin is flipped. The winner of the coin toss decides which team receives the kickoff. After the kickoff the teams advance the ball by flicking it across the field.

Kick off

On a kick off. A player holds the football under a finger on their end of the field and flicks (kicks) it towards the opponent’s end. The receiving team gets possession where the ball stops. If the ball is overhanging the field (or in the end zone, or on the floor), the receiving team gets to move it two inches away from their end zone and play continues.

Advancing the ball

The players move the ball across the field by flicking it. A legal move is any method which advances the ball through flicking (pushing the ball is not allowed).

Players have four chances (downs) to score a touchdown. They may attempt a field goal on fourth down.



A touchdown is worth 6 points. A touchdown is scored when a player advances the ball such that it comes to rest with part of the ball extending over the edge of the opponent’s end of the table without falling to the ground (or within the end zone). If the ball falls off the “field”, the possession of the ball switches to the opponent.

Extra points

Following a touchdown, the scoring player kicks a field goal for 1 extra point through a goal made by the opponent holding their fingers in the goalpost position. The attempt is successful if the ball travels through the area over the bottom fingers and between the uprights.

Play resumes with kickoff by the scoring player.

Field goals

A field goal is any attempt by a player to flick the ball through a goalpost formed by the fingers of the opposing player. Field goals are worth 3 points. (In games that consist only of alternating field goals… each field goal is only worth one point.)

Game length

Game length varies.

Have fun!

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