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Chirality of basic knots

Chirality of basic knots.

A photographic reference showing left-handed and right-handed versions of basic knots for identification or forensic purposes. Published at Blurb.

The Knotmasters course

eMail signatures

Since eMail is so important to business communication, your eMail signature is more important than you may think.

The Knotmasters course

Knotmasters course

A self-directed course in learning the ropes. This is a course that I developed while I was a Scoutmaster, but I designed it to be used by anyone. Everyone should be able to tie a few basic knots and the learning is fun.

Plain text calendar example from my visual journal.

Plain text calendar

A plain text calendar that can be printed out and used for planning purposes away from the computer.

a random image from the Hawai'i project.


A photographic project by Ross DeMeyere.

calendar mask for tickler file

Calendar mask for a tickler file

Arranging the tabs on your tickler file like a calendar improves usability.


24-hour time

This is a LIFE SAFETY issue so important that just the RISK of an »AM|PM« mixup is enough to use 24-hour time.