Use a VPN.

Use a password manager.


Let's face it, if you really wanted privacy, you wouldn't be on the internet. Use at your own risk. Constant vigilance is the key.

Time management and project scope

Effective time management and maintaining project scope are critical for successful project execution. Balancing these skills boosts productivity and enhances work quality. Time management involves using time effectively and productively, planning, and controlling the time spent on activities to increase efficiency. It leads to more opportunities, less stress, and career success. Prioritizing tasks is crucial, identifying what needs immediate attention and what can wait.

Project scope involves determining and documenting project goals, deliverables, tasks, costs, and deadlines. Controlling scope is crucial to avoid “scope creep,” which can affect timelines and costs. Effective scope management starts with a clear project definition, agreed upon by all stakeholders. Regularly reviewing progress ensures alignment with the predefined scope. Any changes should go through a formal change control process. Mastering these skills significantly contributes to project success and professional growth, helping us achieve more and positively impact our personal and professional lives.