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How DeMeyere Design defines certain things...


constraint: In the context of planning, a requirement that restricts freedom of action. It is always good to know what your constraints are.

course of action: (COA) A sequenced scheme developed to accomplish a mission.

evolution: The process of evolving, developing, or working out in detail, what is implicitly or potentially contained in an idea or principle; the development of a design, argument, et cetera.; 2 A tactical movement. // Unlike phases, which are not ends in themselves, evolutions are independent, self-contained projects. (see also, Workflow and process.)

invoice: a record that tracks time and costs of an evolution of a project in a defined timebox (typically a month).

material: 1. the substance of which a thing is made or composed.

materiel: 1. the aggregate of things used or needed in any business, undertaking, or operation (distinguished from personnel). 2. Things needed for a task, journey, or other purpose.

mission: The project or task, together with the purpose, that clearly indicates the action to be taken and the reason why.

objective: 1. The clearly defined, decisive, and attainable goal toward which every project is directed.

project: (or operation) a collection of projects, evolutions, missions, tasks, or actions that has a common purpose or unifying theme. Projects can have component projects or be part of other projects. Projects are broken into evolutions IOT accomplish the mission.

resource: Anything (physical or virtual) used in mission accomplishment.

standing operating procedure: (SOP) A set of instructions covering features of operations which lend themselves to a definite or standardized procedure without loss of effectiveness. The SOP is applicable unless otherwise stated.

tactical: adjective of, relating to, or constituting an action or strategy, carefully planned to achieve a specific end.

web design specific

block: a standardized element that can be used to create part of a section.

section: a horizontally spanning standardized design element.

section stack
A »section stack« is DeMeyere® terminology for the way an HTML page is built by stacking <section> elements on top of each other. Each <section> can be worked on and targeted individually. (ie, header section, nav section, content section, footer section...)


abbr meaning
AAR After Action Review
ARM asset recovery mission
COMM communication(s)
COMSEC communication security
doc document
DOG DeMeyere operational graphic
DOM DeMeyere operational manual
DTG date-time group
eMail electronic mail
EOD end of day
EOM end of month
EOY end of year
FAQ Frequently (asked or answered) questions
FTX Field Training Exercise
IOT In Order To
PDF Portable Data File
POC Point of Contact
SOP Standing Operating Procedure
TACSOP Tactical Standing Operating Procedure
TL;DR Too Long; Didn't Read